Monday, March 1, 2010

im backk

hey guys! im finally back to Lyon after so many days.
glad im back now coz im so tired
will summarize my trip when im back from my class! sians. its time for studying again. hahaah
c ya all!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

fever fever go awayyyyy

i gotta feeling that i'll be sick ):
can feel the heat in my body.. zzz.. the weather today is like extremely COLDDD.. stupid weather.. when are u getting any better! CNY is coming! and i got a badminton competition this Friday.. pls get well soooooooooooooooooon!! )):

take care all! im heading to bed now.. nitez!

Friday, February 5, 2010

The End

Finally, the 1-month french course has ended.
Everyone was pretty sad actually.. but no worries, we'll still meet again in the weekly french class. But its not everyday though.. :(

Bad luck for my fren yu-kai. He got stomach ache and fever for 2 days alr. Cant seem to recover. sigh. Felt guilty actually. coz he ate half of the "cold burger" that I was supposed to make it hot. but the oven didnt manage to heat the burger patty. only the bread part is hot. sigh. i ate a few bites too.
but lucky me.. nth happened. thk god. Im gonna go out to buy some food now. Tonite gonna make porridge for him. poor thing. he havent really eat a proper meal for 2 days alr. keep "lao sai" he said. rahhh.. all my fault ):

alrights. i'll be back soon. weather is quite good nowadays. not much snow and the temperature seems to be higher. Spring pls come soon. i'm getting sick of winter alr.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bak Kut TEhhhhhhhh

YumYUM.. today we cooked bak kut teh for dinner! woohoo.. finally get to taste a nice bak kut teh for after 2 weeks..
Seriously tiring.. haha coz we've only got 1 stove here and its hard when u wanna cook rice and bak kut teh at the same time.. so me and yukai decided to split up the work! haha i cook bak kut teh and he cook the rice and fry some eggs.. :D

HAHAs i've been quite busy the whole day.. i don have the time to post the pictures that i took the other day when i went to dijon.. but i'm a nice guy.. i will post some here to tease all of you first

here goes..

Dijon train staion.

Moi with Hotel Dieu (direct translation means "God's hotel", which also means hospital)

a better view of Hotel Dieu

An owl sign which shows you the way to all the famous places in Dijon. (Owl is a famous animal in Dijon. It says that if you touch the owl statue in the cathedral,it brings you good luck.)

Alrights! tats all for now!hahah.. i think i need to compress all my photos b4 posting on fb. i think will be faster. Anyways, sch's starting in a week! rahh hope i can cope with the studies here :\ wish me luck!

All i want is you

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Yay! i feel so healthy again. Finally did my first jogging in like 1 month? :D
can feel the fats burning off n im so happy! hahah
im scared i'll turn fatter here cos the meal here is everyday bread+potato (fried potatos). rahhh.

After jogging, went to play badminton with the sep guys. but i guess this will be the last time i'll be playing. coz you must sign up for the club and PAY! how stupid is this. They dont even use the proper shuttlecocks.Gosh i miss playing at KR.the shuttle are made of nylon i think. suxx. O well, save money. i shall go jogging more instead (: and its free!

Yukai asked me if i wanted to join the marathon in Europe. I dont know if i'm ready for it. but i want to try. I shall start training now. hopefully i can cope with the cold weather here. Its kinda hard to breath when u're running coz after awhile you will start have runny nose. \: but i'll give it a shot.

i guess i have to stop here. tonnes of homework waiting for me. tonite i will surely surely post some pictures over here. hahhaa. sorry to keep u all waiting :P

Monday, January 25, 2010

good morning!

hey yO! ITS 7AM right now! hahaha but i woke up earlier than this. around...6am? haha to do my homework >.<
its like a habit alr to wake up so early. kinda weird though. never woke up so early before. after studying in Sg.
My post like getting shorter and shorter. hahaha nth much to write though. I guess i'll only continue writing after going some interesting places.
OH YA. yesterday evening went to Guillotaire. Its a so called "chinese town" in Lyon. The supermarkets there surely sell alot of chinese stuffs. Expensive but very convenient. I guess i can come back and buy my oyster sauce when i finish mine. hahahah. its around 3.90 euros for a very big bottle.
Me and my fren wonder if they will sell bak kwa on CNY? hahahaa.. anyways, i think i shouldnt spend so much on these unnecessary things. save it for my next travel.
We've already decided where to go on our next holiday. which is from 19th FEB to 1st MAR.
will tell you guys later after i've booked my ticket! (:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

La Croix-Rousse@lyon.. BORING! hahaha

Yo! hahaha i'll make this short n fast.. kinda sleepy now hahaha
although its just 8.30pm. gonna go sleep after this :D

went to this croix rousse at Lyon today. super boring! sians.
but i managed to practice more on my sony camera today. haha. getting more and more pro everyday.. kekek.. i know im supposed to post the photos today, but im so lazy so..
probably tmr lah.. hahahah

OH and i just noticed my "porK" that i bought for like 5 euros for 1kg is spoilt.. ):
coz forgot to put in freezer.. i put it in the normal refrigerator instead.. waste money.. Zzz

rahhh.. its monday again.. BORING!